Islands Trip

You go for a city trip to Gothenburg, but did you know that there is more to it? The western islands are known to be the most beautiful in the north – sorry Stockholm. So, why not visit them?

This tour will guide you to one of the western islands, Styrsö. Starting from the Ferry terminal, you will enjoy a nice ride while getting soaked into the beautiful landscape. Once on the island, you can expect some easy hiking (bring shoes other than flip-flops!), a bit of history and stunning views. The best part: you will have the opportunity to take a dip in the salty sea to refresh – true local style! Later on you will have a Swedish Fika right at the seaside to replenish energy and experience more of the unique way of the islands life. Activate your nature lover and enjoy what the locals do in their free time!

Please bring swimsuit and towel if you would like to take a dip in the sea! We will  implement a short break at one of the bathing spots, have a Swedish Fika at the water and hopefully pick some wild berries. On top of that: please be aware that the Islands Trip takes longer than your usual tour and is less flexible due to ferry transportation from the teminal, so do plan in some time. However, your tour guide will adapt to your needs and the groups vibe, so everyone is welcome with their schedule.

Please bring comfortable shoes, rain and windproof clothing (it is Sweden after all), a water bottle (you can refill it on the way) and best case: many questions! We love those!

Tour Duration: 4:30 hours (including breaks)
Walking Distance: 5 km


The Meeting Point is located at Saltholmens Brygga, right in front of the building saying “Skärgårdsbåtar”. You can reach it simply by taking tram number 11 to Saltholmen.

Your Tour Guide will be waiting for you with a Göteborg Walking Tours sign!

The tour starts at Saltholmen and takes ferry transportation to the island Styrsö in the Southern Archipelago. The tour ending point is intended at Styrsö Tången, shortly before a ferry leaves back to the main land. Depending on the weather situation, this might be flexible, but is individual for each group. If you wish to stay on the islands a bit longer, that’s also no problem, we will help you out with some other good spots to visit and things to do in the archipelago.

Important: since we are bound to ferry timings, please be punctual.



The Islands Trip is a privately booked tour. Contact us for a booking request.

4500 SEK incl. VAT

*Public transportation tickets not included.

– Guided tour on one of the islands in the Southern Archipelago
– Swedish Fika (snacks and coffee)

Group Size

Maximum of 15 People

Cancellation Terms
A tour can be canceled and fully refunded up to 24 hours before tour start


Saltholmen, Styrsö Skäret, Styrsö Bratten, Stora Rös, Styrsö Kyrka, Utterviks Badplats, Styrsö Tången