About Us


We believe that traveling is working towards more intercultural understanding, openness and ultimately world peace. Because of this, we believe that exploring a place designed by locals, while meeting other travelers is an easy way to help this cause.

This should not be locked away behind a paywall, which is why we offer mainly free walking tours, where everyone is welcome.


Our business model is based around the tip-based concept of free walking tours. These tours are in fact completely for free and we do not pressure or expect tips from our participants. You decide how much you think it was worth or how much you can give. If you had a good time, that’s already an achievement for us!

Our tour guides are locals with a passion for the city that want to give you an enjoyable experience, point out the main sites and give you historical context to them and give you some ideas what to do next during your stay in Gothenburg. Our guides give 20% of the received tips to Göteborg Walking Tours for the coverage of administrative costs and expansion of the company. The well-being of our guides comes first, which is why we chose this model.

We do not have any partnerships with cafés, shops or other entities, nor do we intend to establish them, as we believe that every guide has their own personal favourites and should not be forced into promoting a place they don’t agree with.

We believe in genuine recommendations by locals!

In order to offer local experiences to as many people as possible, while not overworking ourselves fully, we also offer privately booked tours that can adapt to your (and our) schedules and wishes, where we charge a fee.

We are a legally registered company in Sweden and pay taxes on our income in this country. It’s important for us to contribute our share to the society with our business.


The company was founded in August 2018 to work towards the mission. Previously, there has not been a free walking tour offer in Gothenburg, or it has been discontinued a few years earlier. Considering that Gothenburg is a fantastic place with fantastic people, it’s a shame that many travelers were not able to experience this.

Having traveled a lot ourselves, the decision was made to start a company in our beloved Gothenburg to offer travelers of all kinds this opportunity. With a creative, informal and professional approach, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and bring the change to the city, that we wanted to see – a very Gothenburg thing to do in fact!

Now, we welcome many travelers in our city every day and we simply couldn’t be happier! Thank you for walking with us!

*Cover picture taken at Stora Rös (Styrsö)