Our mission is to promote cultural exchange by providing tours through the city.

We believe our work should be accessible to everyone, so we focus on walking tours where everyone’s budget is welcome.

Walk with us!


Sweden’s second city

Göteborg Walking Tours has the goal to spread local culture and history to travelers all kinds and financial opportunities! Be part of our tours to experience the second city of Sweden with all it’s quirky secrets and unique places!

The main focus of Göteborg Walking Tours is in offering free walking tours! A concept, that is quite spread by now worldwide. This means, that everyone can simply join the offered tours and enjoy! The idea is to tip our tour guides for their work – if you liked the tour obviously. This way, every travelers budget can take part in walking tours and learn more about the place!


Gothenburg has a history dating back much longer than the official founding date of the city back in 1621.

It’s a place where ideas meet people with a “let’s do this”-mentality. It’s a place where sustainability meets ambition. It’s a place that screams inclusiveness, no matter of your background.

We want to bring people together, give them a glimpse of the history and let them explore why Gothenburg is more than just another city.


All of our free tours are available in English language only!

These tours are free, based on the popular concept of free walking tours found all around the world. This means, simply join the tour and if you liked it, you are free to tip* the tour-guide depending on how much you think the tour was worth. No risk for you, and we will make extra sure that you will enjoy your time! Otherwise, we also love reviews on TripAdvisor, Google Maps or Facebook as forms of gratitude!

*you can tip the guide cashless, it’s Sweden after all.

Grand Göteborg Tour

See the city core and the old districts of the city such as Haga. All garnished with some off-the-beaten path sites and more Gothenburg stories.


General Göteborg Tour

See the main historical sites of the city in a quick and breezy tour, ending in the right spot for a Swedish Fika. Ideal for the quickest overview.

Saturdays | 10:00

Göteborg Vibes Tour

Explore the riverside and industrial roots of the city. Graffiti, craft beer and Hipsters, spiced with some random stories about the people of Gothenburg.


Islands Trip

Enjoy the beauty of the Western Archipelago and activate your inner nature-lover with a hike and possibility for a dip in the sea. A true Swedish experience.


Hiking Trip

In Sweden, we like to call our nearby forests the ‘living room’. Spend a morning there with us and enjoy a dip in a lake and a Swedish ‘kokkaffe’.



These special tour offers give another different view on Gothenburg. If you feel like you want to make your experience a little bit more special, we are happy to welcome you.

Our paid tours are in English language, unless you book a completely individual tour via Make Your Own Tour.

You can book a tour through the booking system below* **

*for Make Your Own Tour, please contact us via email or the contact form below
**if not indicated otherwise

Fika Experience

There is a beauty in a good cup of coffee and Swedes do like plenty during a so-called Fika.

The Fika Experience will show you some unique places and let’s you learn more about the famous Swedish Fika. This way, you can make the most out of your visit and get energised to run through the forest afterwards on a sugar and caffeine rush – if intended.

Send us a message | 495 SEK

Photography Tour

Finding the right spots and capturing the memories for all eternity can be tricky – but fear not, we’ve got you covered.

The Photography Tour shows you some cool spots, angles and motives and to top it all off, we also give you guidance in how to capture these best. Intended for casual and Smartphone photographers!

Send us a message | 595 SEK

Make Your Own Tour

Sometimes you just want to have a tour on a specific date at a specific time for your group. Do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

We can customise your experience according to your wishes and give you a memorable time in Gothenburg – with a dash of individuality from our guides.

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